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 Session Title
 Description  Speaker(s)
Augmented Reality Case Study: The Jetson’s Have Landed

Advances in computer vision technology and augmented reality solutions enables new tools of the trade for all parties involved in the protection of critical “underground assets.” We will demonstrate the business case viability for locators and excavators which can be complemented through existing technology. One Call agents can benefit by having virtual information overlay traditional maps, satellite imagery or directly onsite. Consistent information, virtual markings, accurate mapping data aggregation, and improvement of geo-referenced asset networks become faster and ubiquitous when using AR-enabled smartphones and tablets along with existing systems and processes.

Ricardo Mahoney
Denis Courchesne
Todd Scott
Mathieu Dupont

Emerging Trends in the Trenchless Industry: What's in It for Me?           

This presentation will provide an overview of the current state of practice and emerging trends in the trenchless industry. Recent advances in the trenchless industry that can result in cost savings for rehabilitation and replacement of underground utilities will be presented. A short introduction of various trenchless techniques (e.g., HDD, microtunnelling, pilot tube, pipe bursting, etc.) for installation or replacement of buried utilities will be provided. Pipelines rehabilitation methods using cured-in-place-pipe and spray-on lining systems will be presented. The presentation will emphasize how value engineering principles can be applied for trenchless projects to reduce risk, cost, time, and changes without comprising the design and quality of work.         

Rizwan Younis, PhD, P.Eng.
Mark Knight, PhD, P.Eng.
Marketing Collaboration: Finding Common Ground
The members of Mark-It Madness, a committee of One Calls of America, have discovered that marketing efforts done in collaboration over multiple states produce more powerful results. This session reviews how the committee came to be and how their strategies continue to be successful. In addition, case studies of the committee’s best marketing initiatives will be reviewed and attendees will be encouraged to find their own common ground for collaborative marketing strength.
Charleigh Elebash

Municipal Best Practices: Panel Across Canada

A panel discussion by municipal leaders from across Canada to share their processes on planning and implementing damage prevention solutions to their operations. Join the discussion on lessons learned and how these professionals continue to provide protection to their underground infrastructure and safety to the public.      

Keith Santucci
Linda Carkner
Benoit Lauzon

Ontario Underground Infrastructure Legislation Outreach Results

In 2016, the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services’ Public Safety Branch conducted targeted stakeholder outreach sessions to assess the effectiveness of the province’s mandatory one-call-to-dig system. The ministry’s goal was to gather information on the impacts of the Ontario Underground Infrastructure Notification System Act, 2012 and its regulation on excavation activities in Ontario. The outreach was focused on the following key objectives behind the legislation:

  • Timely delivery of locates by members to excavators.
  • Improving the efficiency of the excavation process.
  • Reducing damage to underground infrastructure.
Vanessa and Ben will speak to the results of these sessions and how On1Call is responding to the recommendations
Vanessa Rae
Ben Hamilton

Protecting your Buried Infrastructure through Asset Management


A multi-barrier approach to protecting buried infrastructure will be discussed. Advance planning, excavator awareness and execution of technologies culminates in safe digging practices taking into consideration the risk and level of service pillars of asset management.

 Darwin Durnie

Right of Way or the Wrong Way?

For ten years there were no damages that released product on NEB regulated pipelines, and then came 2017 when two NEB regulated pipelines were hit within ten weeks.  This presentation will discuss what happened and the Human Organizational Factors (HOF) that may have contributed to the incidents.  Attendees of this session will receive a copy of the enhanced guidance for municipal O&M activities in NEB-regulated ROWs.

 Shannon Neufeld

Strategies for Managing Protestors at Worksites Involving Underground Infrastructure     

This presentation is designed to provide an overview of protest scenarios that companies may encounter at their work sites, based on experiences of energy sector companies across Canada, and will offer a series of proposed safety-focused solutions that will help to mitigate the effects of potential business interruptions caused by these events.        

W. Scott Raesler
Doug Maynard

What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You: A Panel Discussion on Abandoned/Orphaned/Defunct Facilities    

There are many utilities placed below the surface; some of them have been in place for over a hundred years. Many of them have outlived their service life and create a real danger for excavation today. How do we handle these abandoned facilities when they are present in our dig site? Join this panel discussion comprised of representatives from multiple industries concerned with the protection of our buried utilities and learn about their ideas on solutions for managing these troublesome buried utilities.     

 Sylvain Boudreau

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