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Canadian Common Ground Alliance

Damage Prevention is a Shared Responsibility







 The Carrot or the Stick?

Are penalties effective? How can we improve outcomes? Have fines been levied? What results are available to share? Join this panel discussion for a conversation about relying on the carrot as a motivation for compliance vs the stick as a consequence for noncompliance.





Cyber Security: Are People Really the Biggest Risks?

Join security expert Eugene Ng, as he shows the audience, in real time, how easily a breach can happen. Through various cases, Ng will also demonstrate how organizations can build a culture of deterrence and vigilance, regardless of the industry they are in. A must-attend for anyone interested in understanding how a culture of security helps reduce risk.



Eugene Ng


Damage Prevention with Augmented- and Mixed-Reality Technologies  Increasingly advanced holographic technologies present new opportunities for municipalities, public utilities, and locators. Different areas such GIS, 3-D mapping, video streaming, equipment databases and are positioned to spawn a new breed of productivity application that will impact how companies dealing with underground infrastructure implement project planning and perform fieldwork.
 This presentation reviews the latest in holographic visualizations and the opportunities it presents to leverage current GIS systems investments to prevent damages, enhance safety and increase the accuracy of field work. It also looks at the disparate technologies that can contribute to the connected utility management solutions that facilitate a new type of field-office collaboration. The resulting futuristic system combines object holograms with object-specific data information to help field technicians understand the infrastructure they need to service while on-site, hands-free and connected to their colleagues. 
The presentation reviews real-life use cases of the technology based on field trials conducted by municipalities, utilities and locate companies. The use cases reveal technology benefits, shortcomings and implementation best practices backed by empirical data collected in the field.
Given the highly visual and interactive aspects of mixed reality technology, the presentation will include video clips of different types of computer-generated visualization, examples of mixed reality-GIS integration and a hands-on demonstration of this emerging holographic utility visualization technology. It is a dynamic and highly interactive (live holograms) presentation that gives the audience a glimpse into the future of their industry, as it is expected to be 5-10 years from now.

Alec Pestov

vGIS | Meemim




Effective Use of Digital Media During a Crisis

While communication isn’t the business du jour at any pipeline company, communicating well becomes incredibly important during times of crisis. In the minutes, hours and days that followed an oil pipeline leak on November 16, 2017 – as TransCanada’s emergency crews worked tirelessly on effective and immediate response on the ground – the company’s communications team used digital tools to manage public relations transparently through the crisis.




Nicole Forrest



Fit for Duty: Impairment in the Workplace

What are companies doing about prescription drugs, illegal drugs, cannabis and alcohol in the workplace? What are the policy perspectives on impairment? What is the future with new regulations? What happens if employees come to work with carry-over effects? The panel will discuss policies, case studies and court cases.





Musings of an Expert Witness

 Utility damage prevention is supposedly a partnership exercise.  That realization led to establishing the Common Ground Alliance. However, most damage cases initially focus only on the premise of whether the utility mark was correct or not.  There is so much more that happens during a case.  Project owner, project designer, utility owner, contract locator, contractor, subcontractor and more entities become parties to the case.  This talk highlights the lines of inquiry that an expert witness takes to look at each parties’ actions.



James Anspach, P.G.(r),  Dist.MASCE

Cardno, Inc.

Second-language outreach & education: Is your damage prevention message reaching everyone who needs it?When you don’t speak the language, are not familiar with local regulations and are unaware of industry practices; chances are you have never heard of One Call requirements. Attend this session to hear about the ground-breaking work that Fortis BC and Empower Me are doing to successfully deliver messaging to new Canadians in the residential and digging communities in BC. Ours is a first-of-its-kind approach, using a community focus to solve an industry problem. This session describes how FortisBC and Empower Me have gone beyond industry best practices for educating new hard-to-reach audiences about safe excavation practices.

Yasmin Abraham

Empower Me

Michelle Petrusevich



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