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CanaDIan CGa  sUPPoRTeRs

                                     2014 Board of Directors
                        Baspaly, David  British Columbia Common Ground Alliance (BCCGA)
                                                                    CCGA Executive Committee
                        Moreau, Nathalie  Info-Excavation L’Alliance pour la protection des  Vice-Chair
                                    infrastructures souterraines du Québec (APISQ)  CCGA Executive Committee
                                    Public Works Department - City of Winnipeg &  Treasurer
                        Saedal, Derrick
                                    Manitoba Common Ground Alliance (MCGA)  CCGA Executive Committee
                                    Alberta One Call (AOC) &
                        Sullivan, Michael                                President
                                    Canadian Common Ground Alliance (CCGA)
                        Douglas, Jim  Ontario Regional Common Ground Alliance (ORCGA)
                                                                    CCGA Executive Committee
                        Tweedie, James  Canadian Gas Association         Past Chair
                                                                    CCGA Executive Committee
                        Bellissimo, Vince  Canadian Construction Association  Director
                        Bradley, Francis  Canadian Electricity Association  Director
                        Doyle, Mike  Canadian Association of Geophysical Contractors  Director
                        Durnie, Darwin  Canadian Public Works Association  Director
                        Ferguson, Travis  Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers  Director
                        Kirk, Sher  Canadian One-Call Centres Committee  Director
                                    TransCanada & Manitoba Common Ground Alliance
                        Loney, Steven                                    Director
                        Pacheco, Elaine  Canadian Energy Pipeline Association  Director
                                    Canadian Association of Pipeline & Utility Locating
                        Palaniuk, Randy                                  Director
                                      des infrastructures
                        Posehn, Daryl  Saskatchewan Common Ground Alliance (SCGA)  Director
                        Ramor, Brian  Canadian Nursery and Landscape Association  Director
                                    SaskEnergy Incorporated & Saskatchewan Common
                        Reeve, Dean                                      Director
                                    Ground Alliance (SCGA)
                                    Enbridge Gas New Brunswick & Atlantic Canada
                        Scott, Todd                                      Director
                                    Common Ground Alliance (ATLCGA)
                                    TransCanada & Alberta Common Ground Alliance
                        Watson, Brad                                     Director
                        Neufeld, Shannon  National Energy Board       Federal Champion
                                      Pratiques d’excellence
                                      Version 3.0 – Octobre 2018
                                    Canadian Common Ground Alliance
                                   Best Practices Version 1.0 – October 2014

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