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CCGA DIRT Report 2022

On behalf of the Canadian Common Ground Alliance (CCGA) Board of Directors, I am pleased to share with you the 6th annual CCGA National DIRT (Damage Information Reporting Tool) Report for 2022. This report dives into the characteristics, themes, and contributing factors behind buried infrastructure damages in Canada, as reported through the DIRT reporting system.

As we know, underground infrastructure plays a vital role in delivering essential services to homes, businesses, public institutions, and communities. From natural gas for heating to electric power for lighting, high-speed fiber for communications, and water supply, these services are critical for both business operations and daily life. The potential disruption to these services poses a daily risk, impacting each and every one of us.

In our analysis of the 2022 report and comparison with previous years, we're pleased to report a 6.8% decrease in reported underground infrastructure damages compared to 2021. Additionally, there was a 3.4% reduction in the total number of locate requests made in 2022, reflecting ~85,000 fewer requests submitted to the one-call centers. Excavation issues remain the most prevalent root cause, often stemming from a lack of notification to one-call centers, improper excavation practices, and excavators failing to maintain clearances after verifying marks.

While reporting damages in DIRT remains voluntary, the data collected is invaluable for the CCGA. It enables us to identify root causes and develop mitigating measures to reduce and eliminate these issues.

Thank you for your continued commitment to promoting safe and sustainable practices for working around our underground infrastructure.

Best regards,

Douglas Lapp, P.Eng.

Board Chair

Canadian Common Ground Alliance

The Canadian Common Ground Alliance (CCGA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing public safety, and increasing the integrity and reliability of Canada’s underground utility infrastructure through the development and implementation of effective and efficient damage prevention practices across Canada. As Canada’s unified voice on damage prevention, the CCGA attracts members from all Canadian national organizations and associations who share common damage prevention and public safety solutions. The CCGA and its Regional Partners welcome all stakeholders who wish to be part of the identification and promotion of best practices that reduce damage to buried utilities.

CCGA is now accepting papers for its 2024 Symposium. To be considered, please complete the submission process and be sure to include all pertinent details. Submissions will be open until Friday, May 31, 2024. Those that are accepted will be contacted by Friday, June 28, 2024 to confirm participation on the program.

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The Know What's Below Newsletter is a fantastic opportunity for partners across Canada to share information: updates from each province, regional issues we encounter and the latest developments in damage prevention.

CCGA Best Practices

In the spring of 2022 the CCGA released Best Practice Version 4.0. This includes updates developed through regional and stakeholder consensus. 

This is a continuation of the significant goal of the harmonized Best Practices Version 1.0 released in 2014.

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The Canadian Common Ground Alliance is the voice of Canada's Regional Partner CGAs dedicated to working toward damage prevention solutions that will benefit all Canadians.  This website is a portal to Canada's Common Ground Alliance Partners and provides routine updates to the damage prevention issues of national interest the CCGA is managing on behalf of our Regional Partners.

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"Through shared responsibility among all stakeholders, the CCGA works to reduce damages to underground infrastructure - ensuring public safety, environmental protection, and the integrity of services by promoting effective damage prevention practices."

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