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Common Ground Alliance Best Practices

The CCGA produced the first set of National Harmonized Best Practices based on the Ontario Regional Common Ground Alliance Best Practices, version 8.0 and the product of a collaborative effort among all Regional Partners of the Common Ground Alliance in Canada. The CCGA also acknowledges the established Common Ground Alliance Best Practices (United States) initiated by the Common Ground Study and presented to the U.S. Secretary of Transportation in June 1999.

This set of National Harmonized Best Practices 4.0 - 2022, which has been updated through the commitment and consensus of its members working together towards a safer Canada, is part of an ongoing effort to develop new damage prevention practices as well as improve existing ones. This is a continuation of the significant goal of the harmonized Best Practices Version 1.0 released in 2014.

Download the CCGA Best Practices V 4.0 in English or French.

Visit the CCGA Best Practice Committee page for more information.

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