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Update on Bill S-233 - Federal Damage Prevention Legislation

21 Dec 2015 1:30 PM | Anonymous member

After several weeks of conference calls with Parliamentary Counsel and Kyle Johnston, Senator Mitchell’s Legislative Assistant on Bill S-233, which died on paper this year when the federal government called for the elections, we are very close to releasing responses to comments and feedback received during the consultation process on the Bill. We still have a couple of minor points to clarify but once those are addressed, the Bill will be revised accordingly with new language. Senator Mitchell intends to table a new version of the bill, which will have taken into account comments received by stakeholders, in 2016.

In an effort to be as transparent as possible, a new draft version of the Bill will be circulated after the release of those responses to the CCGA Board of Directors (all info will also be posted to the CCGA website). At that time, Directors will be requested to channel the correspondence to their respective stakeholders for a second round of comments. Once the second comment period has closed (beginning of March), the Bill S-233 Team will resume the same process we are completing with this first round; revising the 2nd version of the Bill accordingly and posting version 3 of the Bill to the CCGA website. This 3rd version will not be circulated for comment. Rather, it will go to Senator Mitchell to commence the process of re-tabling the Bill in Parliament.


Mike Sullivan - Executive Director, CCGA

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