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Bill S-233 - Comments & Feedback

02 Feb 2016 1:45 AM | Anonymous member

Damage Prevention Partners,

Comments provided by interested parties on the proposed language of Bill S-233, and feedback from the Bill S-233 Team, are posted in this matrix.

In the coming weeks, the CCGA will release Version 2 of Bill S-233, post it to the CCGA website and notify its members and damage prevention stakeholders by email and social media. Once released, a 25 day comment period will begin. When the comment period has closed, the Bill S-233 Team will once again review all comments, generate the final version of the Bill and present it to Senator Grant Mitchell (April 2016). 

On behalf of the Canadian Common Ground Alliance, I wish to thank the Bill S-233 Team and Senator Grant Mitchell for their dedication to this initiative.

Mike Sullivan, Executive Director - CCGA

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