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  • 16 Apr 2020 3:25 PM | Anonymous member

    For the first time, the CCGA has opened membership to buried asset owners with a national footprint; ie: interprovincial transmission pipeline and telecommunication companies. The CCGA seeks to engage and secure a direct dialogue with these federally regulated buried asset owners in relation to damage prevention governance and develop more robust and consistent national education and awareness practices. Membership with the CCGA is not intended to replace same with CGA Regional Partners in Canada. In fact, if your company is already a member or sponsor of one or more of the CGA Regional Partners in Canada, those affiliations need to continue.

    To learn more about membership, please go to the Member Application page on the CCGA website. If you wish to become a member, scroll down on that page, select your membership level / category and follow the steps to completion. If you do require an invoice, please contact CCGA Accountant, Mr. Gary Laycraft, and one will be sent to you. 

  • 10 Oct 2019 10:55 AM | Anonymous member

    Le rapport ORDI du CCGA estime que les dommages causés aux infrastructures souterraines continuent de coûter au Canada au moins un milliard de dollars par année. Voici le communiqué.

    Rapport Ordi 2018.

  • 10 Oct 2019 10:48 AM | Anonymous member

    CCGA DIRT Report Estimates Damage to Buried Utilities Continues to Cost Canada at Least $1 Billion Every Year. Please see the CCGA's News Release for more information.

    Link to 2018 DIRT Report.

  • 22 Jul 2019 1:25 PM | Anonymous member

    Please see this communiqué from the CCGA regarding recent Treasure Hunts in Canada.

    Veuillez consulter ce communiqué de la GCAC au sujet des récentes chasses au trésor au Canada.

  • 11 Jul 2019 5:35 PM | Anonymous member

    This year's Damage Prevention Symposium in Niagara Falls features a Damage Prevention Theatre situated among exhibitor booths on the exhibitor floor. The Theatre will hold breakout sessions throughout the conference creating considerable foot-traffic on the exhibit floor and offers sponsorship opportunities promoting your brand on both sides of every panel. 

    If you are interested promoting your company, your brand, your service, your exhibitor booth or your presentation, please see the rate sheet and reply to or call 1-866-279-7755.

  • 25 Jun 2019 4:58 PM | Anonymous member

    Please see the attached release / Veuillez consulter le communiqué ci-joint.

    Addressing the Future of the CCGA_Aborder l'avenir de la CCGA.pdf

  • 01 Nov 2018 11:09 AM | Deleted user

    Report analyzes when damages to the nation’s infrastructure are most likely to occur

    CALGARY, ALBERTA (Nov. 1, 2018) – The Canadian Common Ground Alliance released the 2017 Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT) Report today during the national Damage Prevention Symposium in Whistler, B.C. This report presents characteristics, themes and contributing factors leading to damages in Canada as reported via the DIRT system.

    In 2017, there were 11,383 damages reported via DIRT for Canada. On average, there were 45 reported damages per work day (assuming 254 work days per year). The societal cost of these damages to underground infrastructure in Canada is estimated to be at least $1 billion per year.

    Among all damage reports with an identified and known root cause, the majority (51 percent) occurred because no locate request was made to a One Call Centre.


    • 11,383 damages were reported in 2017
    • Nearly 45 damages occurred per work day.
    • 70% of reported damages occurred in two provinces: Ontario (46%) and Alberta (24%).
    • 51% of damages are the direct result of not making a locate request to a One Call Centre.
    • 89% of damages involved natural gas and telecommunications facilities.
    • Damages are reported to DIRT on a voluntary basis and thus do not reflect the total damages that occur every year.

    The Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT) is designed to capture data following reports of damage to buried facilities from excavation activities. DIRT allows industry stakeholders in Canada and the United States to submit data anonymously to a comprehensive database. The database is used to identify the characteristics, themes and contributing factors leading to damages. Such findings are summarized in an annual DIRT report.

    Reporting damages into the Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT) is critical for the CCGA to determine the root causes of damages and develop mitigating measures to reduce and eliminate them.

    The complete 2017 DIRT Report is available to download at Stakeholders interested in submitting data to the 2018 report or establish a Virtual Private Dirt account should visit the DIRT website at

    About CCGA

    The Canadian Common Ground Alliance (CCGA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing public safety, and increasing the integrity and reliability of Canada’s underground utility infrastructure through the development and implementation of effective and efficient damage prevention practices across Canada. As Canada’s unified voice on damage prevention, the CCGA attracts members from all Canadian national organizations and associations who share common damage prevention and public safety solutions. The CCGA and its Regional Partners welcome all stakeholders who wish to be part of the identification and promotion of best practices that reduce damage to buried utilities.

    - 30 -

    Media Inquiries:

    Mike Sullivan
    Executive Director
    Canadian Common Ground Alliance

    Download news release here.

  • 05 Sep 2018 4:29 PM | Deleted user

    We're excited to announce that the CCGA's Damage Prevention Symposium has received Gold Seal Accreditation from the Canadian Construction Association's Gold Seal Certification program.

    You can now earn a Gold Seal Credit by attending our 2018 Damage Prevention Symposium in Whistler, BC from Oct. 30 to Nov. 1.

    The Gold Seal Certification Program is a national construction standard of certification for management professionals in the heavy civil and construction industry.

    To register for the 2018 Symposium, visit our Annual Symposium page.

  • 01 Nov 2017 6:15 PM | Anonymous member

    Please click HERE for more information on Bill S229 / Veuillez cliquez ICI pour plus d'information sur le projet de loi S229.

    Veuillez cliquer sur ce lien pour plus d'information sur le projet de loi S229.

  • 11 May 2017 2:25 PM | Anonymous member

    The Underground Infrastructure Safety Enhancement Act passed 3rd Reading in the Senate May 2, 2017. Please CLICK HERE to read how it all went down in the Senate that day.

    The CCGA wishes to thank all stakeholders for their support to achieve this milestone goal in our quest for damage prevention legislation.

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